Rules of our Lifesteal gamemode

Lifesteal gamemode rules are given below:

  1. If you die and lose your heart, you must restart from the beginning.
  2. If someone takes your heart, you must kill them to regain it.
  3. PvP is allowed at all times, and players should expect to be attacked by other players.
  4. No hacking, cheating, or exploiting game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage.
  5. No using alternate accounts to bypass bans or punishments.
  6. No sharing or distributing hacked clients or cheats.
  7. No spamming or excessive use of caps in chat. Keep chat civil and on-topic.
  8. No sharing or distributing inappropriate or offensive content.
  9. No asking for personal information or sharing personal information of others.
  10. No hate speech, racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination. Be respectful and inclusive to all players.
  11. No impersonating staff or other players.
  12. No sharing or distributing inappropriate or offensive skins.
  13. No using glitches or bugs in the game to gain an unfair advantage.
  14. No teaming up with other players to gain an unfair advantage.
  15. No building structures that obstruct the natural flow of the game or gameplay experience for others.
  16. No exploiting the rules to grief other players or steal their hearts.
  17. No trapping or exploiting other players' bases or belongings.
  18. No harassing or bullying other players in chat or in-game.
  19. No breaking or destroying public property or builds, except when necessary for gameplay.
  20. No begging or constantly asking for hearts or other players' belongings.