Rules of our Survival gamemode

Survival gamemode rules are given below:

  1. No destruction of other players' creations or property without consent.
  2. No harassment or bullying of other players.
  3. No sharing of accounts or account information.
  4. No griefing or raiding other players' bases or belongings without consent.
  5. No stealing from other players' chests, farms, or other belongings without consent.
  6. No PvP in non-PvP zones or without consent from all involved parties.
  7. No use of any type of client modification that gives an unfair advantage over other players.
  8. No sharing of any personal information, including but not limited to names, addresses, phone numbers, or social media accounts.
  9. No use of any type of hate speech or discriminatory language.
  10. No spamming or excessive use of capital letters or symbols in chat.
  11. No sharing of explicit or inappropriate content.
  12. No use of offensive skins or usernames.
  13. No impersonating other players or staff members.
  14. No use of any type of cheat or exploit.
  15. No use of any type of hack or mod that alters the gameplay or gives an unfair advantage.
  16. No sharing of any type of scam or fraudulent activities.
  17. No use of any type of automated program or bot in the game or on the server website.
  18. No promotion or advertising of other servers or websites without permission from staff.