Rules of our whole network

Whole network rules are given below:

  1. No cheating or use of hacks/mods that give unfair advantages. This includes x-ray mods, fly hacks, and other similar modifications.
  2. No griefing, raiding, or stealing from other players. Respect other players' creations and property.
  3. No hate speech, racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination. Be respectful and inclusive to all players.
  4. No spamming or excessive use of caps in chat. Keep chat civil and on-topic.
  5. No exploiting glitches or bugs in the game. Report any issues to staff.
  6. No inappropriate builds or content. Keep builds appropriate for all ages.
  7. No PvP (player versus player) in non-PvP areas or without consent from all involved parties.
  8. No asking for personal information or sharing personal information of others.
  9. No impersonating staff or other players.
  10. No excessive swearing or use of vulgar language in chat or builds.
  11. No sharing of accounts or account information.
  12. No use of offensive skins or skins that could be considered inappropriate or offensive.
  13. No scamming or defrauding other players.
  14. No use of spam bots or automated programs in the game or on the server website.
  15. No advertising or promotion of other servers or websites without permission from staff.
  16. No sharing of inappropriate or explicit links or content in chat or builds.
  17. No griefing or destroying the environment, such as deforestation or building unsightly structures.
  18. No harassment or bullying of other players.
  19. No misuse of staff powers or authority.